Shedding is a natural characteristic of many non-continuous filament fibres such as Wool, Acrylic, Polyester, Viscose and can be quite noticeable during initial use; this will settle over time but can be affected by animals, traffic and abrasive cleaning. A “no shoes” policy in the house will certainly benefit the rug and we recommend using barrier mats at all entrances to avoid dirt being carried through your home. Using the correct method of hoovering will help with shedding and we have some further tips that you may find helpful at

The shedding will be more noticeable when first used as from the manufacturing process the rug is sheared which produces a lot of loose yarns that can become trapped within the pile. These will work their way to the surface when the rug is used.

The extent of shedding through normal use will always depend on a number of factors such as temperature, humidity, traffic levels, cleaning etc.

Important factors:-

1) Hoover brushes attack and break up the delicate yarns and should be avoided, hoovering should be suction only to remove any dirt, dust and loose fibres.

2) Avoid shoes

3) Rotate the rug, this will prevent uneven wear and fading from sunlight.

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